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A Different Kind of Value Investing

Let’s get the product stuff out of the way:  we do Insurance, Investments and Financial Planning.   Find out why we do it so differently than anyone else.

Building Your Quiet Legacy

Over our years in business, we discovered that most people find the whole concept of estate planning way too complex.  We believe that our job is to help you find the most elegant solution to fill your needs.

More importantly, we want that solution to be consistent with your personal values.

We called our organization Quiet Legacy for a reason:  we believe that there are simple, elegant ways to structure your finances to minimize tax.  Best of all, many of these ways allow you to leave a legacy to the organizations that you support during your lifetime.  We can show you how to leave a lasting legacy long after you are gone.

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What has particularly impressed me about working with Ryan of Quiet Legacy is his holistic approach to wealth management for his clients. He spends a lot of time upfront to listen and understand their goals and objectives – both financial and personal. Ryan brings with him a deep understanding and array of skills on both the financial planning and philanthropic arenas, and he is a true master at navigating and leveraging both. Ryan is a pleasure to work with, offering tremendous patience and care.

Jessica John

Associate Director, Gift & Estate Planning, Sick Kids Foundation

Your Experts in Planning

While you don’t need to have an interest in philanthropy to work with us, one of Quiet Legacy’s unique aspects is that we serve both Individuals and Charities.  Virtually no other organization understands the intersection of financial planning and philanthropy like we do.   We can show you how to balance the needs of your favourite charities with your own financial and estate planning requirements to make a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Give us a call today at 226 884 5545 to book an appointment to discuss how we can help you put together a financial plan that incorporates your personal values.

Ryan Fraser, CFP CIM


Having known Ryan Fraser of Quiet Legacy for the better part of two decades I have implicit trust in both his skills as a financial planner, and his passion for sustainable and ethical practices. As the director of a small corporation I rely on his knowledge to ensure that our assets are invested in a manner that provides financial security while supporting endeavours that are in keeping with our corporations ideals. I already have, and will continue to, recommend his services to all those I know who wish to play an active role in supporting a brighter future.

Dr. Bourke Tillmann

Trauma & Emergency Room Physician