Hi All;

When I set up my business plan for Quiet Legacy, I built into it taking Fridays to walk & do wildlife & landscape photography in nature.  I learned last spring that this is where some of my best business planning & innovative ideas occur to me, and it does wonders for clearing one’s mind from the small-picture issues that consume our work week.

I’d love to invite you to join me on April 22nd, at 9:30am to enjoy a hike & photograph through the Killaly Meadows area, as a networking and “get back to nature” event. Ideally, we’ll have a maximum of 6 people – first come first serve!

Please do not register unless you are reasonably sure you can attend.  Due to the small maximum number, we understand cancellations for health emergencies, but in the past have had a number of people no show for other reasons, and leave people on the waiting list out of luck.

Kilally Meadows

We will meet at the parking lot by the baseball diamond just past the Waltzing Weasel right at the end of Windermere Road.  Keep your eyes open for the Osprey nest on the ball diamond’s lights!

Just a couple of things to keep in mind:

1) Please, no pets, as one of the goals is to see what wildlife we can observe, as the presents of domestic pets can scare away birds, etc.

2) Please ensure adequate clothing and in particular footwear relative to weather conditions.  Some of the trail may be muddy, icy and/or snowy this time of year.  I would strongly suggest large warm winter boots, or proper hiking boots with ankle support.  (Mountain Equipment Co-op is an excellent source for all-season hiking gear.)

3) Have fun!  We’re blessed with so many great nature escapes in our city and surrounding area.

4) Bring a camera – any camera will do, from iPhone to near-pro rig, but wildlife & nature photography often works best with a DSLR, if you have one.  If you are newer to photography and would like some help with how to use your camera, I’m happy to do so.


Ryan Fraser, CFP CIM
Quiet Legacy
Telephone: 226 884 5545

  • April 21, 2017
    9:30 am - 11:30 pm