Join us for a romantic (in a philanthro-nerdy kinda way) brown bag lunch in the BMO Ideas bank from Noon  – 1pm,

Spend this Valentine’s day and learn the best ways to break up with the Taxman, and how to date your favourite smokin’ hot charity instead.   There’s lots of cool ways you can structure your estate and your investments to give you the best impact on your gift to your bottom line.  There’s also lots of great ways to support your favourite organizations if you do a bit of planning in advance.

We’ll talk about how to avoid paying huge taxes on your estate and support charity in the best ways, and give you a few real life examples.

This session is great for anyone interested in the charitable sector, with a particular emphasis for anyone who is a chronic saver, or might need to be an executor, or power of attorney for a parent.  We’ll also talk a bit about how incorporated businesses can give in a way to benefit both the company and shareholders.  Also a great session for charities looking at doing more fundraising via strategic or planned gifts.

Bring a lunch, stuff your belly, and I’ll promise to stuff your brain!



  • February 14, 2017
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm