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Ryan Fraser

Ryan Fraser


To say I have never fit in a box would be an understatement. A long running joke when I speak at conferences like that of CAGP (The Canadian Association of Gift Planners), is that I’m too non-profit for the for-profit world and too for-profit for the non-profit world.  I’ve learned over the years that both worlds that I live in have an awful lot to learn from each other.

Ryan is a long standing member, and past London Roundtable chair  of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP), and has been a speaker for many CAGP conferences and roundtable events across the country, and has been a facilitator for the All-in-a-Day program as well.   He is also a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), and President of the London Estate Planners’ Council.

A Financial Planner by trade , Ryan spent years providing with self-employed financial advisors coaching and business consulting services.  Heavily involved in training and development initiatives, he also has taught for the University of Windsor and the Western University, where he is also a member of the Don Wright Faculty of Music’s Dean’s Advisory Council.

Additionally, Ryan co-founded a charity, The Secrets of Radar Museum in 2001.

Ryan has volunteered in a number of board & committee roles for a variety of charities , including the London Heritage Council, The Secrets of Radar Museum (which he co-founded), and Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada among others.

Originally trained as a classical musician, Ryan has successfully leveraged many of the training techniques and  self-discipline from his music background into strategies for coaching.

Frequent Collaborators

Kate Hodgson

Kate Hodgson

Owner, 9 to 5 Narrative

I’ve coached a TEDx speaker, non-profit founder in her keynote talks and others developing their own personal and professional narrative library and personal and professional brand that looks to  turn your personal experience into stories.

Kate Hodgson, storytelling expert,  is owner of 9 to 5 Narrative and a frequent collaborator with Quiet Legacy on a number of projects.   She is a certified training professional through the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. In teaching story delivery, she draws on her education and experiences in Toastmasters, improv and stand-up.   She is also host of the 9to5 Narrative, a live storytelling event of people’s experience with work based in Toronto