Training Workshops

New Full Day Workshop: Crafting the Perfect Ask

CSI 192 Spadina, Toronto

November 14, 2016

6 CRFRE Credits!

A joint production with 9 To 5 Narrative 

Have you ever spent hours developing the perfect ask to only find it worked well with certain donors, but not others and you weren’t sure why? Have you ever wished that you could significantly improve your results without spending a significant amount of time and budget?


Customized Workshops for your Organization

We’ll customize a half, full or multi-day workshop for your organization to match your internal needs.

Our session with Ryan Fraser from Quiet Legacy  was informative and engaging.  The entire Foundation team   thoroughly enjoyed his presentation style and his upbeat personality.  I would highly recommend Ryan for future workshops/sessions.

Michele Grzebien-Huckson

Executive Director, Foundation of Chatham-Kent Healthcare Aliance

Workshop Themes and Topics

The art of Fact Finding

Fact finding is as much an art as a science.  A properly trained interviewer can learn an enormous amount about a prospective donor in  a short period.  The key, however, is to create a comfortable environment for both fundraiser and donor.  Topics covered:

  • Questioning techniques
  • Observational powers:  how small details reveal a lot of information
  • Knowing when to stop talking
  • Body Language
  • Aligning your interests
Understanding Donor Personalities and Social Styles

Interacting with donors is the single most important part of fundraising.  We’ll explore:

  • understanding the donor’s social style and how it interacts with your own to make or break results
  • look at the ongoing generational shift of donor’s charitable intent
  • how to rapidly assess the donor’s most comfortable methods of interaction
  • how to sell your case for support in language specific to the person in front of you.
Persuasion 101: Selling intangibles

Fundraising is one of the few professions that often requires selling an intangible product.  While capital campaigns are relatively easy, other forms of fundraising are maddeningly difficult, such as planned gifts, or non-capital major gifts.  We will look at the art and science of human motivation to show how to lead your donors to see and feel a vision that you are painting for them.

Personal Activity & Time Management in Fundraising

Time Management and Activity will make or break you as a fundraiser.  This is a business that will eat you for lunch if you can’t get the right balance of activity and time management skills working in your favour.  We’ll explore:

  • tricks to maximize your efficiency
  • getting your work-life balance back in gear
  • monitoring your activity to diagnose your successes
  • figuring out which donors are your best use of time.
Talking to Business Owners

Business owners are some of the highest capacity donors you will interact with.  This workshop will help you:

  • Understand their motivations
  • Uncover hidden opportunities
  • Speak their language
  • Plant the right seeds for them to take to their accountant
  • Understand their needs
  • Help them unleash their full giving capacity
The Millionaire Next Door Donor

The MND donor, is the hardest donor to find in your database, but is perhaps one of the most effective and powerful donors to find when you are looking for transformational gifts.  We’ll use case studies to identify:

  • how, where and when to find the chameleon MND donor
  • understanding what gets their attention and motivates them to action
  • three things you must NEVER to do when working with a these donors
  • how to get this quiet donor to self-select themselves from your database.