Donor Presentations

Bring in the expert that one donor said “I wished I had met 10 years ago”.

Up your Persuasion Skills

Take your fundraising game to a whole new level.  We’ll polish and buff your ability to persuade and move people to action.

Some people talk about changing the world. We actually help you do it.

Are you a fundraiser?  Is your charity working hard with too few resources?  Have you ever wished that you could reach out to someone for a quiet hand in making things work better, smarter and more efficiently?

Quiet Legacy was launched in late 2012 in response to the many frustrations I had witnessed my fundraising colleagues struggle with across the country.  We began to realize that there were many tools from the for-profit world that we could bring to the non-profit industry.  These tools can dramatically increase your results, your work-life balance, and most importantly, make a huge impact on your organization and your donors.

Our mission is to be there for you, and give you a quiet hand in getting the job done when you need us the most.  From leadership coaching for fundraising managers and executives, to donor talks and training workshops, we can help.

Ryan Fraser

CEO, Quiet Legacy Planning Group


The 2015 Fundraisers' Professional Development Survey

We’re undertaking a Canada-wide survey of fundraisers to help the industry better train and develop our talent.  Click on the checkmark to participate, and help us build better fundraisers coast-to-coast.

Results will be released in late April 2016.  Thanks to all those who participated!

It has been our great pleasure to work with Ryan Fraser of Quiet Legacy over the years. He brings with him a deep understanding of charities and our ethos, along with a thorough knowledge of not-for-profit strategies. He is patient and understanding, but does not compromise on accountability nor slacks in striving for the success of his clients.

Tony Lee

Director of Leadership Philanthropy, Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division