your life while saving towards your future.

Our whole lives we are taught to save for our retirement, but usually that’s as far as the advice goes. At Quiet Legacy, we believe that saving for retirement is only part of the equation. The real magic happens when we can align our client’s deeply held personal value system into their savings plan. Take a read to learn how we helped Molly and Steve to address their environmental and charitable giving interests into their retirement savings plans. 

Molly & Steve

  • 40s, two kids
  • Active as volunteers for local environmental and kids’ organizations
  • Chronic Savers, some minor donations to favourite organizations.
Step One

Get to know you.

Molly and Steve are chronic savers who wondered if their previous advisor shared their values 

When we met Molly and Steve, they were in their 40’s, and were active volunteers for a variety of local community and environmental organizations. They had been chronic savers their whole lives and had been packing away money as soon as they had started working as teenagers. Their nest egg had grown considerably, and they continued to live a modest life in their mortgage-free home. 

Molly reached out to us, concerned that their existing investment advisor had gotten them decent returns over the years, but didn’t seem to understand them or their lifestyle very well. He wore an expensive suit, and drove a flashy sportscar, and they wondered if he shared their personal value system. 

Step Two

Identify what is important.

We took them through a number of exercises and identified environment and sustainability as their deepest core personal

We did a deep dive into Molly and Steve’s core values – which revolved around Sustainability, Environment, and a deep need for financial security.  In the process, we discovered that their existing holdings were 37% in oil & gas, which directly contradicted their stated preference for a low-carbon impact in their lifestyle, as well as their investments. 

Step Three

How we help.

We designed a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) portfolio that matched their value system without sacrificing their potential returns. 

We were able to help them design a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) portfolio which had virtually no exposure to oil and gas producing investments. When we compared the historical performance of this portfolio, which looked at Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance of companies as well as investment return, we realized that our proposed portfolio had the potential for similar or better returns than what they had been invested in, but without compromising their personal values. 

Step Four

See the progress.

After we helped fix their portfolios, we went on to identify a number of ways that could help to  reduce their tax situation both now, and in the future. 

Additionally, we showed them how to greatly increase their tax savings by making in-kind gifts of publicly listed investments to their favourite charities, instead of cash gifts. We also worked with them to design an insurance strategy that would transfer money tax-efficiently to their children and help reduce the eventual tax bill on their estate. 

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