Driven By Purpose


Driven By Purpose:  32 Remarkable Stories about Growing Your Wealth and Leaving a Transformational Legacy

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What do camping trips, meteorites, museums, and Jurassic Park all have in common?

Surprisingly, stories on these topics and many more are light and accessible entrées into the more serious subjects of estate planning and financial planning.  Driven by Purpose shows you the possibilities for growing your wealth and making a real impact through the legacy you plan to leave.

  • Helps align your financial and estate planning with your personal values.
  • Features dozens of strategies for leaving a lasting legacy and using charitable giving to make a transformational impact
    on the causes and organizations you support.
  • Guides you towards finding financial solutions that meet your specific needs.
  • Covers a wide range of topics to help you minimize tax while accomplishing your financial and charitable goals.
  • Filled with real, personal stories that will inspire you to get your affairs in order and incorporate philanthropy into your financial and estate planning.